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Google defeats Oracle in Java code case

27/05/2016 - Google wins a major US court battle with software firm Oracle when a jury rules it did not unfairly appropriate parts of the Java programming language.

Three Announces Mobile Ad-block Trial

27/05/2016 - Mobile service provider Three confirms it will block advertising on its network for a day-long trial in June.

N Korea 'could be linked to bank heists'

27/05/2016 - A top cyber-security firm is investigating whether North Korea could be linked to attacks on banks in recent months.

Chinese Backlash Over Windows 10 Push

27/05/2016 - Microsoft is facing criticism from Chinese users about the way it is trying to persuade people to upgrade to Windows 10.

Women 'post 50% of misogynistic tweets'

26/05/2016 - A study into abusive tweets sent from UK Twitter accounts suggests large-scale misogyny, with women responsible for half of such tweets.

An Appreciation Of The Floppy Disk

26/05/2016 - The death of the floppy disk has been long predicted but the technology has persisted. Why?